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Hello, intrepid Yuletide writer! I’m so glad you came to this rather obscure corner of the Internet. I've included a mixture of specific prompts and general likes, so I hope you find something that excites you. If you're already coming into this with an idea you'd love to write, go ahead! But please avoid my do not wants.

I would be thrilled to receive fic in any of these fandoms, so please don't let the uneven section lengths worry you.

I don't particularly use my DW or LJ, but I interact fannishly as sathinfection on Tumblr. My AO3 handle is sath.

general likes:

  • I’m extremely open to different formats! I love the standard close third-person character-centered fanfic, but I’m equally thrilled to receive docufic, interaction fiction, or epistolary works.

  • Science, the uncanny, and uncanny science make up a lot of my interests. I’m into aliens, monsters, eldritch abominations, weird anatomy, robots (particularly androids), field surgery, medicine, experimentation, blood, people grimly coping with injuries whilst soldiering on, xeno, and body horror.

  • Porno! Simmering sexual tension that eventually resolves into great sex. Shipfic overall.
  • Gen and worldbuilding. I really, really love worldbuilding and stacked my requests for it.
  • Doom. Darkness. Looming foreboding. Frozen hellscapes. The crumbling ruins of forgotten empires. Weltschmerz. That sort of feeling you get when you read the Anglo-Saxon poem, The Wanderer. The lone survivor. Vengeance. Blood feuds. Absolute loyalty leading to tragedy. In other words: I’m totally cool with sad endings.
  • On the lighter side, I love humorous stuff too. Classic SF with all its outmoded aesthetics, tropeyness, optimism, and self-indulgence in the fantasy of exploring gorgeously alien worlds and chatting up/romancing new species. People having to negotiate differences in alien/human relationships. I'm a sucker for fantasy worlds as well, with all their years of history and tradition, magic, squabbling nobles, elves... Sworn oaths of fealty! Weird magic. Strange artifacts. SWORDS AND ARMOR. I love swordfighting scenes.
  • I totally dig on OCs, and most of the fandoms I requested pretty much require them.
  • Exploration! Mystery! The unknown! Also: vampires.
  • F/F and M/M.

general do not wants:

  • AUs (i.e. mundane, modern, magical, etc.), except for canon divergence ones. I’m really attached to all of the settings and details of the canons I’ve requested.

  • Noncon and underage. Consent is a stickier (slimier?) issue in xeno situations, so noncon is fine in that case, but I'd still prefer dubious-to-full consent.

  • Kids. Babies. Pregnancy of any sort in anyone. Infantilization.

  • Crossovers and fusions.

  • Fluff. Sickfic.

  • Focus on het relationships or description of m/f sex.

  • BDSM and D/s, especially as a lifestyle.

  • Polyamory.

  • Depression. Self-harm.

  • A/B/O. Heats/ruts in general.

  • Holiday-themed fic.
  • 2nd person POV - but it's 100% fine for IF!

Particular likes and dislikes for sexy stuff, if you’re so inclined:
Likes - emotionally fraught sex, enthusiastic sex, anal, oral, breathplay/choking/asphyxiation, strap-ons, xeno, tentacles (even better: consentacles), biting (particularly if fangs and/or blood-drinking are involved)

Dislikes - rough nipple play, humiliation, rimming, bodily fluids/byproducts other than vaginal lubrication/semen/blood, fisting, kink negotiation, 1st person POV, stuffing/inflation, bestiality, vore, snuff, threesomes/moresomes

The Goblin Emperor (Deret Beshelar, Maia Drazhar)

As soon as Beshelar was introduced, I knew I had to make a Yuletide request. I am a dedicated loyalty kinkster, and while I’m as fond of elaborate court dress, the formal first person, and draping Maia in jewelry as anyone else, I tore through the book eagerly anticipating for Beshelar to get injured while protecting Maia, and I was not disappointed. He really ought to have spent more time on Maia’s lap, although his insistence that he was just FINE and could still perform his duties with a bleeding arm was lovely. I carry a particularly incendiary torch for Beshelar/Maia because grumpy bodyguard reluctant to show how much he cares/earnestly good-hearted and out of his depth virgin emperor is already playing to my interests, but the ‘sworn-to-die-for’ thing really carries it over the top for me.

Although I will eagerly gobble up anything you could think of focused on Beshelar’s loyalty to Maia, I’ve got my share of potential scenarios for them. Explicit sex is very welcome but not required, since I’m gleeful enough to read about undying loyalty.

  • “He imagined losing his virginity under Beshelar’s critical eye” is an actual line from the book that’d be great to run with (although I’m sure Beshelar would not be critical at all), and was the moment when I realized Katherine Addison must be trying to fuck with me PERSONALLY.
  • Maia gets to travel incognito so he can know his people, or deal with a scheme, or solve a mystery, and takes only Cala and Beshelar with him. His nohecharai are forced to treat Maia like an ordinary goblin merchant or break his cover, and Beshelar is utterly scandalized and thrown off guard enough that sexy things end up happening.
  • Fuck or die/sex pollen. Whether you want to go with the ‘bad guys make them do it’ route or use some magical or medical or any other sort of deus ex machina that requires a curative application of dick, I don’t care. You can put in all the angst and misery you want while it’s going on, but I would really enjoy a hopeful resolution and realization of shared feelings afterwards. Non-angsty sex pollen/situation where Maia and/or Beshelar need to get banged is also great, though! I am a sucker for this trope.

While I’m normally all for sad endings, I’d prefer that nothing ends in tragedy in this fandom. Feel free to bang Beshelar up all you want, but don’t kill him off.

Jug Face (The Pit Monster)

The setting of this movie fascinates me. I love rural Appalachian communities and some of the localized beliefs that spring up in isolation, and sacrificing people to a pit monster is certainly a winner for unique concepts. I really enjoyed how despite the story's embrace of 'hillbilly' tropes - such as brother/sister incest, strange religion, insularity, strong accents - the movie never seemed to be making fun of the characters, and I'd like a story that's equally respectful of the culture.

I’d love something exploring the community’s history and religious life, particularly how the worship of the Pit began (perhaps the narrative of the priest, who was the first to be sacrificed?), the nature of the pit monster itself, or the experiences of the sculptors. Another possibility would be outsider documents about the Pit, such as a journal/magazine article, academic notes, or the testimony of someone who escaped the community.

If you live in the U.S., Jug Face is currently available on Netflix!

Star Control II (Any)

This game was my very first introduction to sci fi and hot, blue women. I absolutely adore its mix of space opera and humor. There’s so much about the game that’s either completely absurd (Frungy!) or cool (the Ur-Quan). I’ll be so happy to see any fic whatsoever written for the game, whether it’s fleshing out narrative holes or going into more detail about any of the alien races. I’m not particularly attached to the maleness of the Captain; I think if the game were released now the player would probably get to choose the Captain’s gender, so if you’d like to make the Captain a woman, you have my eager approval (though I've got nothing against a male Captain). F!Captain/Talana epic alien lesbian space romance would be completely awesome. Exploring the domestic M!Captain/Talana implied by the ending is not something I'd be interested in.

Some story possibilities:

  • The neo-Dynarri/Talking Pet wrestling with the Captain’s mind. Feel free to go as humorous or as dark as you want with this.

  • Expanding upon anything promised in the credits, but especially the neo-Dynarri’s idea for a sequel (“It will have action! It will have drama! It will have gratuitous alien sex scenes!”), OR the Yehat’s screenplay.

  • What happened to the Androsynth? I’d love to see the Captain find Bukowski’s notes, or a narrative from the Androsynth over their last days.

  • The POV of Kzer-Za or Kohr-Ah. Hell, you could even write about them having a passionate romance. I’d be into it.

  • Fwiffo’s POV of everything that he ran from during the course of the game. All the exciting events he didn’t witness because he was too busy hiding.

  • XENO. Go wild and have yourself a great time because I’m so ready. Captain/Your Alien of Choice. I don’t consider Talana to count as xeno though, since she’s basically a human with blue skin. If you decide to make Talana far more alien beneath her commander-kini, though, it would be very welcome. There are hints in the game that the Syreen weren’t so typically human after all, what with the monster growl during the sex scene.

  • Syreen worldbuilding. The handling of the Syreen in the game was very male-gazey, so I’d love to see a more nuanced, non-sexist take on Talana and her role in SC2. Perhaps the Syreen found Unzervalt and the Flagship, instead of the humans? How did Talana rise to her position? Anything exploring the aspects of Syreen culture mentioned in the game would be interesting.
  • What sorts of things did Commander Hayes get up to while Earth was under the slave shield? What kinds of off-screen struggles did he have keeping the Captain supplied? What was it like when a dozen Pkunk started wandering around the ship, insisting of giving fortunes to some visiting Supox? Alien management must have been something he wasn't prepared for. I'd totally love Captain/Hayes slash as well, particularly if it reads like Heinlein/Asimov/any of the classically 'manly' SF authors decided to go for gay.

The Ultronomicon wiki is a great resource, as well as all the Let's Plays on Youtube..

Sunless Sea (The Captain)

What better setting for a tale of exploration and terror than the Unterzee?  I love the environment of Sunless Sea, as well as all the characters we get brief glimpses of—particularly the Wistful Deviless. I’m not picky at all when it comes to subject matter for this canon. Do you want to explore a particular port? Do you want to write about a Zee Captain’s crew mutinying? Cannibalism? F!Zee Captain/Wistful Deviless after she gives the Deviless her soul? M!Zee Captain/Irrepressible Cannoneer + explosions? F!Captain/delightful OFC or female crewmate of your choice? Xeno (romantic or otherwise)? This is a canon where I’d love docufic/metanarrative in the form of ship’s journals, scientific notes (a scientist Zee Captain would be a delight), or a Zee Story told by a lone survivor or a hard-on-her-luck Zee Captain. Captains struggling with the madness of zailing the Zee are welcome. I’m also a huge fan of all the doomed (and successful!) polar expeditions near the turn of the 20th century, and the voyages of the Fram, so if you’re inspired to write about trekking or zailing through the far frozen North, I’d love it.


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