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Lovely to meet you! Or perhaps we already know each other, and you're wondering what weird shit I'm up to requesting this year. GOOD NEWS: this one's a good 'un. It's a doozy. A humdinger. This year is the year of the Alien or Cyborg Ninja requests. Forgive me if there's a bit of prompt recycling and boilerplate copy/pasting, because some things never really change about me. 

general likes:
  • I’m extremely open to different formats! I love the standard close third-person character-centered fanfic, but I’m equally thrilled to receive docufic, epistolary fic, and other non-standard forms, though I don't like poetry.
  • Simmering sexual tension that eventually resolves into great sex. PWPS are always welcome.
  • Conversely, G through T-rated shipfic that really explores the pairing dynamic, sets it up, or generally puts so much UST on the screen that it's practically smacking me is also super wanted.
  • For gen pairings as well as ships, I enjoy humor, the bizarre, and character exploration. 
  • Loyalty kink!
  • For ships in general, I absolutely love fic where both characters are in a dangerous situation where it's just the two of them and they have to work together to make it through. 
  • Missing scenes, character studies, and canon-divergence AUs. And while it's definitely not a requirement or expectation in a relationship based exchange, I love time spent developing the world the characters live in.
  • Fics of any length. Whether you write 301 words or 30,000, I'll be so happy you wrote for me. 
  • I enjoy receiving fics/art of all ratings. 

general do not wants:
  • AUs (i.e. mundane, modern, magical, etc.), except for canon divergence ones. I’m really attached to all of the settings and details of the canons I’ve requested.
  • Noncon and underage. 
  • Kids. Babies. Pregnancy of any sort in anyone. Infantilization. 
  • Crossovers and fusions.
  • Fluff. Sickfic, i.e. extended scenes of someone taking care of a person who's unwell. 
  • BDSM and D/s, especially as a lifestyle.  
  • Polyamory/OT3s. Unrequested non-canon side pairings.
  • A/B/O. Heats/ruts in general. 
  • Fic focusing on gender dysphoria, depression, self-care, or self-harm.  
  • Character bashing.

sex do not wants:
rough nipple play, humiliation, rimming, watersports, vomit, shit, fisting, kink negotiation, stuffing/inflation/feeder kink, feet, penis in vagina

Crossover Fandom
Diego Luna/Jabba the Hutt

I've been a fan of Diego Luna for a while, so I was delighted that he got such a prominent role in Rogue One. And then he started doing the interview circuit, where his long-standing passion for Jabba the Hutt was finally revealed. If you don't believe me, watch this compilation of Diego talking about Jabba.
  • "I know it sounds gross, but he might be delicious."
  • "The texture of Jabba is something that I need to discover." 
  • "I am obsessed with the texture of Jabba." 

Anyway, my only real desire here is that Diego gets to know the texture of Jabba. Does he get transported to the world of Star Wars? Does he have a dream where Jabba appears to him, offering to make all his interview dreams come true? Has Diego written his own self-insert Jabba fantasies? 

Ludwik Jaworski/Peter Wainwright

So as I was reading Drakon, I was immediately drawn to Jaworski and Wainwright. If you're reading the book, or planning to read the book, don't read the rest of this prompt because it's SPOILERS and it'll ruin some very nice reveals. 

Both Jaworski and Wainwright left the reader's knowledge when they were STRANDED IN THE SNOW. Ok, Jaworski probably died but fine. He's fine! Also they are in completely different parts of Russia but there are greater burdens to a pairing getting together! I have very strong pro-snow feelings, pro-people having to work together to survive, and pro-enemies to friends to lovers. Jaworski murdered the Tsar who Wainwright was trying to help, so obviously they've got seven tons of beef between them. SO WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT IF THEY WERE FORCED TO WORK TOGETHER? Maybe one of them also has an INJURY which NEEDS TENDING. Wainwright and Jaworski can bond over being soldiers and double agents. Maybe Jaworski has a Finnish grandmother he can trot out to gain Wainwright's trust (because he needs Wainwright and Jaworski's a good liar already). I bet they have to huddle for warmth sometimes! 

Imperial Radch

Anaander Mianaai/Anaander Mianaai

I want Anaander to go fuck herself (haha my own joke never gets old!). Hatesex between Tstur!Anaander/Omaugh!Anaander. Anaander/Anaander unrequited pining? Maybe a forbidden love? Maybe Anaander Mianaai and Anaander Mianaai are stranded in the snow, and have to work together to survive. You can be completely serious or absolutely silly with this, since I am, quite literally, asking for Anaander to fuck herself. 

Translator Dlique/Translator Zeiat or Translator Dlique & Translator Zeiat

I love the translators so, so much. I was heartbroken when Dlique died, and thrilled when Zeiat stepped out of her ship. One of the highlights of Ancillary Mercy for me was when Zeiat's jaw unhinged so she could eat an oyster whole, as well as when she spat up a live fish after being shot. I want you to get really weird with the translators, dear author. Really, really weird. Explore any part of their backstory - perhaps some terrifying glimpses of the Presger while Zeiat and Dlique are interacting? Did they have any sort of childhood (kidfic is just fine here)? Shared training? Are they clones, are they more like ancillaries, or do the translators simply have a more flexible definition of self than we do? The translators are so strange that even a standard 'day in the life' fic from their POV would be wonderfully bizarre. Canon divergence where Dlique survives or another Dlique shows up on Athoek Station would be welcome.
If you choose to write sex, awesome! There is literally no way you can make it too bizarre for me. Do they have tentacles? Erotic beaks? Do they melt into goo and bud into a new translator? Or do they just have regular human style sex, but with their organs on the outside? I'm so ready for Dlique/Zeiat porno to be unleashed.

Literary RPF
Chuck Tingle & Jon Tingle

In Jon's Reddit AMA, when asked if it was uncomfortable to edit his father's weird erotica, he replied: "When you have a father like my dad, you grow up pretty fast, so I'd like to think that my maturity level is to the point where I can handle some pretty uncomfortable stuff with a bit of grace. What it really comes down to is that I'm helping him do something that he loves, and self-publishing has completely turned his world around. There were a few very dark years there and now he's happier than I've seen him in a long time." 
I'm not normally a fan of fluff, but what I earnestly want is a heartwarming story about Chuck Tingle and Jon. Feel free to throw in Ted Cobbler, expand on any of the Twitter scenarios, or just general antics where Jon has to keep his father out of trouble. I'd also love to read about Jon's experiences editing Tinglers or something expanding on Jon's childhood, and those moments when it wasn't just Chuck taking care of Jon, but Jon taking care of Chuck (in this case, writing about kid!Jon is perfectly welcome). I'd like the tone of the story to be the same as the various bits of Tingle-ephemera available - there's a definite element of dark, absurdist humor, but ultimately nothing lastingly bad happens. I'd like for the incestuous overtones of Tingle & Son to be no more or less than the source material. As Jon says, "I can understand how people would think it was a little strange, but really I just think that he loves me a lot and isn't aware of the most appropriate way to show it. My dad doesn't understand a lot of social cues, so when he says that "my abs look really good" he has no idea that that isn't really appropriate, he just says what he means."

Jesse McCree/Genji Shimada

I really, really, really like cyborgs. The fact that Genji is a cyborg NINJA, who yells "Try me!" when he uses his deflect ability and calls enemies on the point "unwelcome guests," is icing on the cake of the fact that he runs around basically naked and looks like he's wearing cyberpunk garters. How is Genji a real thing that exists in a game? I don't know. I'm haunted by Genji. On the other hand, there's McCree, who is a concentrated mass of cowboy tropes who can randomly summon tumbleweeds. Amazing. I love Overwatch. And Blizzard recently gave McCree and Genji an interaction, and it's just as amazing as you'd think

As for prompts, I'm always up for combining some old-fashioned body horror with sex (or building a relationship). Genji must have had a rough recovery and "rebirth." I'm not particularly attached to the setting of Overwatch, so exploring historical periods or other sci-fi settings would be very welcome. If you'd prefer to write about Genji hooking up with McCree prior to getting his shiny cyborg ass, that's great too! I love the potential in this pairing - I feel like they have complimentary emotional baggage, in addition to being able to push each other into wild adventures. 
Star Control

Nothin' weird about a request for romance between two terrifying tentacle aliens from an obscure 90s videogame! The Ur-Quan were one of my favorite parts of Star Control, so naturally I want their two prophets and freedom fighters to be lovers. As usual, you can write this with utmost seriousness or with the sort of humorous abandon that terrifying tentacle alien love can inspire. Did Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za have a painful falling out? Did they have hatesex? What would the Black and Green Ur-Quan think if they found out about Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za's romantic entanglement? Would it bring about lasting peace between them, or would they dismiss it as enemy fabrication?
If you wanna go for sex, they could chastely press tentacles or go at it with stingers, teeth? I'm not really sure how they could fuck but I'm sure there's lots of ways. Surprise me! 


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