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It's that time of year again! I'm trying to be concise in my letter this time and if you've checked me out before, a lot of the general notes are the same. However, all the pairings are new! Yay. 

If this is the first time you're encountering me, I'm Sath on AO3 and sathinfection on Tumblr. 

I've tried to include a prompt or two for every pairing. However, it's not necessary to follow the prompts! As for kinks, you can mix and match the requested ones as you like - I like vanilla just as much as I like kink. I enjoy reading pure PWP as well as most other things people would want to put in - doom and gloom, introspection, humor (sex can be pretty funny!), adventure, thinking about the fragility of life while having [orifice of choice] [verbed]...  I like what sex scenes can reveal about a character's personality, and it's always interesting to me how writers handle the often complicated choreography of two people fumbling around.

I've only asked for fanfic in my requests, since I'm no good at giving art prompts. I'd be happy with art treats, though!

My firm do not wants: 
  • AUs (i.e. mundane, modern, gender, magical, etc.), except for canon divergence, historical, or science fiction/fantasy ones. However, please no Holocaust or slavery AUs.  
  • Noncon (except when specifically noted) and underage. 
  • Kids. Babies. Pregnancy of any sort in anyone. Infantilization. 
  • Crossovers and fusions.
  • Sickfic, i.e. extended scenes of someone taking care of a person who's unwell due to an illness and not a physical injury. 
  • BDSM and D/s, especially as a lifestyle.  
  • Polyamory/OT3s. Unrequested non-canon side pairings.
  • Genderbends. 
  • A/B/O. Heats/ruts in general. 
  • 1st or 2nd person POV. 
  • Fic focusing on gender dysphoria, depression, self-care, or self-harm.  
Sex-related do not wants - Rough nipple play, Humiliation, Scat, Vomit, Watersports, Fisting, Kink negotiation, Stuffing/inflation, Bestiality, Vore, Snuff, Feet, Penis in vagina intercourse, calling people 'babe' or 'baby'

Note: I'm fine with the word 'cunt.' 


Fallen London | Echo Bazaar  

The Quiet Deviless/Original Female Character (Fallen London)

The first of several F/F pairings I'm asking for where there's lots of potential for fucked-uppery. I love the Fallen London setting, although I don't particularly have the stamina to get very far in the game. The Quiet Deviless is a character I adored in Sunless Sea, and I pretty much forked over my soul immediately. How could I tell her no? 

Blood Drinking, Body Horror, Blood Magic, Biting, Breathplay, Corruption, Corsetry, Crossdressing, Cunnilingus, Demonic Seduction, Emotional Manipulation, Kinking On The Macabre, Rough Sex, Thigh-High Boots/Tights/Stockings, Tribadism, Xeno

Something I'd particularly like is a seduction scenario (and this can have a happy end or a bad end, if you like, as long as there's no noncon or torture). Alternatively, you could write about the Quiet Deviless and another deviless, getting up to all sorts of devilishness together. 

Original Work

Female Necromancer/Female Zombie

This is a pairing I came up with last year and I'm still hankering for it. I'd prefer the zombie be sentient and relatively un-decomposed (or freshly dead). Having at least a few memories (or full memory) of a past life is a bonus. I'm thinking of the zombie taking the role of a useful servant, bodyguard, or assistant. Mild gore/guro is fine! Go as humorous or as serious as you want with this one. 
Antagonism Leads to Sex, Anal Fingering, Blood Magic, Body Horror, Biting, Blood Drinking, Breathplay, Cunnilingus, Death Kink, Necrophilia, Dubiously Consensual Loyalty Kink, Fealty, Fingerfucking, Kinking On The Macabre, Magical Fealty, Rough Sex, Sex Magic, Tribadism, Touch Starvation

Maybe the necromancer decides to test her powers on an outstandingly hot corpse. Perhaps she rezzes her lover, or there's a zombie in the undead horde that really stands out from the crowd. The zombie could seduce the necromancer in an attempt to get one up on her, or maybe she just really likes her (the necromancer seducing the zombie is also good, particularly because it's slightly ridiculous). 


I got into this game because my friends started playing it, and I've had lots of fun as Mercy and D.va. I am absolutely the worst Genji, but I still give him the occasional try because his EYEBROWS in the character select screen, my god. You can use game dynamics in the fic or you can leave them out; I don't care either way. 

Jesse McCree/Genji Shimada 

I have requested tons of kinks for them because I just really really want them to screw. There is nowhere near enough porn for this pairing, which combines a dedicated cowboy LARPer and an actual cyborg ninja. I am puzzled by Blizzard's decision to send Genji out bare-assed wearing what looks like garters and a thong, but I am thankful for it. McCree is absolutely delightful to me, and he's so damn charming. 

Cyborg Sex, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Competence Kink, Blow Jobs, Danger Kink, Healing Sex, Height Differences, Intercrural Sex, Injured Sex, Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex, Robot Kink, Sex Post-Permanent Injury, Size Kink, Snowed In, Topping from the Bottom/Pushy Bottoms, Touch Starvation, Trapped in a Small Space, Wall Sex

I hella kink on Genji's cyborgness, but his twink gangster phase was also incredibly hot, so go with what you're most interested in. If you share my cyborg kink, McCree exploring Genji's new cyborg body and "testing" its various functions is fantastic. As for anal, I have a slight preference for Genji to bottom but I'd really rather you went with what you feel like works best! 

For scenarios, Genji and McCree getting trapped somewhere and sex happening is great. Another one is McCree hanging around Genji while he was recovering from the attempted fratricide and adding some dick to Genji's healing process. Deadlock AUs are welcome, as well as fics set before Genji's cyborgification. 

Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix/Angela "Mercy" Ziegler 

Did you know that when you boost Widowmaker as Mercy she says, "You must really like me?" I do it far more than I should. I have zero interest in Widow's time as Amélie or Gérard, so I'd rather both go unexplored/unmentioned except in passing. 

Antagonism Leads to Sex, Necrophilia, Medical Kink, Death Kink, Enemies to Lovers, For Science!, Healing Sex, Rough Sex, Seduction, Shame in Sexual Desires

I have a major doctor/patient kink and I'd love to see scenarios where Widowmaker is captured by Overwatch and Mercy attempts to undo her brainwashing and seeming zombification (whether this is successful or not is up to you). I feel like Mercy is essentially goodhearted, but it'd be great if Widow successfully seduced Mercy into taking the doctor/patient relationship too far. Alternatively, Widow and Mercy having an ongoing flirtation that results in Mercy giving in to her baser instincts and screwing Widow on a mission instead of trying to bring her in would be awesome. 

Yuri!!! on Ice

Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov 

Hot damn, do I love this ship. They love each other so much! That amazing plot twist where it turned out Victor had been pining for Yuuri since the Sochi banquet! Their butts! There's already quite a lot of fic for this pairing, so I've made my kinks really narrow for this bunch. 

Historical Roleplay, Skirt Kink, Crossdressing, Genderfuck

So, this is really a plea for Yuuri to roleplay the Stanislaw Poniatowski to Victor's Catherine the Great. Or not, but wouldn't it be amazing? Please consider. Alone or mixed together, I love all of these kinks immensely as long as Victor and Yuuri are both having tremendous fun with each other and there's no element of humiliation or misogyny. Either/both of them could do the crossdressing. Genderfuck is a kink I only like with cis characters where it's completely unrelated to any dysphoria. If you go for historical roleplay, go with whatever scenario you like as long as it's not master/slave or WW2. 


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