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Hello, new friend/glorious benefactor/curious reader, and welcome to this, my horrifically long exchange letter. I have no way to excuse it, other than that I am enthusiastic in the art of the exchange letter, and that I have done my share of exchanges, and so, material accumulates. I hope that you find a general like or a specific prompt to tickle your interests, or if you're already coming in here with something you'd like to write, that you are not frustrated by my DNWs. I love all these ships, and there is either a) no fic for them or b) only a few fics for them, and I've probably written at least half.

I'm Sath on AO3 and I spend my fannish time on Tumblr as sathinfection.

general likes:
  • I’m extremely open to different formats! I love the standard close third-person character-centered fanfic, but I’m equally thrilled to receive docufic, epistolary fic, and other non-standard forms, though I don't like poetry.
  • Simmering sexual tension that eventually resolves into great sex (or a fade-to-black, if that's what you're more comfortable with). 
  • Conversely, G through T-rated shipfic that really explores the pairing dynamic, sets it up, or generally puts so much UST on the screen that it's practically smacking me is also super wanted.
  • I enjoy humor, the bizarre, and character exploration, as well as angst and doom 'n gloom. 
  • Loyalty kink! Enemies-to-friends-to-lovers. Fraught journeys through the snow. Fraught journeys through the desert. Injury-related whump. I like both get together fic and established relationship. 
  • For any ship at all ever, I absolutely love fic where both characters are in a dangerous situation where it's just the two of them and they have to work together to make it through. 
  • Missing scenes, character studies, and canon-divergence AUs. And while it's definitely not a requirement or expectation in a relationship based exchange, I love time spent developing the world the characters live in.
  • Fics of any length. Whether you write 1001 words or 100,000, I'll be so happy you wrote for me. 
  • In book fandoms, I'm just as happy to read author pastiche as I am to read whatever style you're comfortable with. 
  • I enjoy receiving fics of all ratings. 
  • I don't require my F/F to have smut, but if you wanna write women fucking each other: GO FOR IT. Write something that's so dirty it deserves an EEE rating.

general do not wants: 

  • AUs (i.e. mundane, modern, magical, etc.), except for canon divergence ones. I’m really attached to all of the settings and details of the canons I’ve requested.
  • Noncon and underage. 
  • Kids. Babies. Pregnancy of any sort in anyone. Infantilization. Calling people 'babe,' 'baby,' et al. 
  • Crossovers and fusions.
  • Fluff. Sickfic, i.e. extended scenes of someone taking care of a person who's unwell due to an illness and not a physical injury. 
  • BDSM and D/s, especially as a lifestyle.  
  • Polyamory/OT3s. Unrequested non-canon side pairings.
  • A/B/O. Heats/ruts in general. 
  • 2nd person POV (epistolary format is not included in this, though).
  • Fic focusing on gender dysphoria, depression, self-care, or self-harm.  
  • Character bashing.

Particular likes and dislikes for sexy stuff, if you’re so inclined:
Likes - emotionally fraught sex, enthusiastic sex, anal, oral, breathplay/choking/asphyxiation, strap-ons, xeno, tentacles (even better: consentacles), biting (particularly if fangs and/or blood-drinking are involved), face slapping, height differences, strength differences
Dislikes - rough nipple play, humiliation, rimming, scat, vomit, watersports, fisting, kink negotiation, stuffing/inflation, bestiality, vore, snuff, feet

On to the fandoms!


Reading Monstrous Regiment was a great experience for me. Hot damn, a book full of women pretending to be men and wearing soldiers' uniforms, plus a SEXY BUT ULTIMATELY RATHER ADORABLE VAMPIRE? Sign me up to id-town because I'll be here for a while. 
Maladict(a)/Polly Perks
I swear, Polly was checking Maladict out from the beginning. I loved how Pratchett played a bit with the stereotype of vampires as rather effete, beautiful creatures of the night and then Maladicta came out. Polly was such a delight to read, and I adored how Jackrum was able to nurture Polly's natural leadership skills. 
One of my favorite moments in the book was when almost everyone in the troop admitted to being a woman, but no one suspected Polly of being anything but male (whereas Maladict came under suspicion early on). I'd love to read something that played with butch/femme stereotypes. What if Polly and Maladicta had to go undercover in Zlobenia, posing as a heterosexual married couple? Polly could play the husband quite easily, and then be flustered by Maladict suddenly hamming it up to feminine extremes, complete with hypnotizing bosom heaving? Right before she tripped, of course. Alternatively, Maladicta could have to pose as a classically male vampire, trying to be more convincing than ever while Polly gets stuck stuffing her corset and struggling to walk less like she was wearing a pair of socks down her trousers. Bonus: Polly gets to kick Prince Heinrich in the fracas again.
For shorter ideas, anything about burgeoning lesbian feelings between the two of them or a PWP. I love the potential loyalty kink aspect of Sergeant Perks and Corporal Maladict, as well as the idea of two military women in military uniform going at it in a perhaps military fashion. I would love super-tropey fic for these two (they're trapped in a snow storm! there's only one bed at the inn! they have to share a horse!). If you choose to write porn about them, blessings on your cow, your family, etc. If you can dance around the Black Ribbon thing or go a mild canon divergence route to add vampire kinkiness to it, that'd be great but it's not necessary. 
I prefer Maladict as a cis woman who enjoys wearing trousers, but I have no feelings whatsoever about whether her name is spelled Maladict, Maladicta, or both in fanfic. 

Imperial Radch

I tore through all 3 of the books and loved them to pieces. I'd say Ancillary Justice is one of my top 10 favorite books, if not one of my top five, because of the complications of the Ors storyline, Breq as herself and Breq-as-Justice-of-Toren, and journeying through the snow. Gender ambiguous characters going on a fraught journey through the snow has been my highly specific kink since The Left Hand of Darkness, and while neither Leckie nor LeGuin had the journey end in sex, at least both Breq and Seivarden survived! Leckie's worldbuilding and development of AIs, as well as the super-alien Presger, is the sort of thing I'd thought I'd only get to read in fevered fantasies. 
As a note, I've read all the extra material available online and on Leckie's tumblr.

Anaander Mianaai/Anaander Mianaai

I want Anaander to fuck herself (haha my own joke never gets old!). Hatesex between Tstur!Anaander/Omaugh!Anaander. Maybe a forbidden love? Maybe Anaander Mianaai and Anaander Mianaai are stranded in the snow, and have to work together to survive. You can be completely serious or absolutely silly with this, since I am, quite literally, asking for Anaander to fuck herself. 

Breq/Seivarden Vendaai

I have shipped them ever since Breq turned over Seivarden's battered body in the snow and was disappointed to recognize her. I love how Seivarden grows over the three books, how she goes from being a spoiled junior officer coasting along unearned privilege to realizing that there actually are other people in the universe. While I think Breq ended up in a good place at the end of the series, Seivarden still seems very much like someone in recovery from addiction - and she's replaced kef with Breq. This is something that I could eat up with a spoon, and was lucky enough to get shipteased with whenever Seivarden climbed into bed with Breq. How Leckie got such a mainline to my id, I don't know, but I'm not going to complain. As for Breq, I've crushed on robots since I was five or so (R. Daneel Olivaw, in case you were wondering, and Breq does seem to run on a modified version of the Three Laws of Robotics), and she's basically perfection to me. I love how she's so empathetic, but still in a machine way, rather than a human one. Her sense of justice (and humor) is another high point. 
It's so hard for me to present prompts without dissolving into incoherent babbling about 'service kink' and 'Seivarden crying,' or 'huddling for warmth in the snow and there's an awkward boner.' Any sort of situation where Seivarden and Breq are isolated from others and forced to rely upon each other to survive/complete whatever mission they have, would be fantastic. I'd be fascinated with exploring how Seivarden may have become one of Breq's favorites without Breq even admitting it to herself - she certainly was comforted whenever Seivarden held her, and Breq is of course an expert in how to have a divided mind. 
If you'd like to go the sex route, I don't care about what Seivarden and Breq are equipped with, as long as it's either kept ambiguous or they are both the same physical sex. They can have sex because Breq's suddenly decides that she feels like it after all, there's some sort of weird Presger sex pollen floating around (aliens make them do it is a perennial favorite of mine as well), Breq decides to let Seivarden masturbate to her sadly while crying, Breq feels like trying it out and Seivarden does her best while Breq remains rather bored, or even Breq and Seivarden screw and both of them have a wonderful time. I am 100% behind Breq/Seivarden fucking.

Translator Dlique/Translator Zeiat 

I love the translators so, so much. I was heartbroken when Dlique died, and thrilled when Zeiat stepped out of her ship. One of the highlights of Ancillary Mercy for me was when Zeiat's jaw unhinged so she could eat an oyster whole, as well as when she spat up a live fish after being shot. I want you to get really weird with the translators, dear author. Really, really weird. Explore any part of their backstory - perhaps some terrifying glimpses of the Presger while Zeiat and Dlique are interacting? Shared training? Are they clones, are they more like ancillaries, or do the translators simply have a more flexible definition of self than we do? The translators are so strange that even a standard 'day in the life' fic from their POV would be wonderfully bizarre. Canon divergence where Dlique survives Sword or another Dlique shows up on Athoek Station would be welcome.
If you choose to write sex, awesome! There is literally no way you can make it too weird for me. Do they have tentacles? Erotic beaks? Do they melt into goo and bud into a new translator? Or do they just have regular human style sex, but with their organs on the outside? Normally vore is a DNW for me, but if you want them to eat each other, that's fine. I'm so ready for Dlique/Zeiat porno to be unleashed.
Original Work

Apprentice Sorceress/Shieldmaiden

I didn't nominate this, but I let out an excited squeak when I saw it in the tagset! This is like, my id. It's my id wrapped in a bow. I love classic fantasy so much; I love the fantasy genre; I love swords; I love magic; I particularly love women waving around swords while wearing men's clothing and potentially having to rescue and/or seduce an attractive but not quite fully trained sorceress. If you want to write me the equivalent of a Frank Frazetta painting, I would  be so excited that I would eat my laptop. There are infinite scenarios that I would love for these two, such as:
  • The Apprentice Sorceress hires the Shieldmaiden to be her bodyguard on a dangerous journey through snow/mountains/desert/a road. Hijinks and lust ensues. 
  • The Shieldmaiden is sent to defeat the Apprentice Sorceress. Instead, she fucks her. 
  • The two of them have to go on a quest for some sort of valuable item. 
  • One of them is a bandit and tries to rob the other person. The robbery fails. The sex does not. 
  • Any sort of inversion of classic fantasy tropes/expectations. 
  • The Apprentice Sorceress would have gotten her Full Sorcery License long ago if she were able to resist the charms of the Shieldmaiden, who continually trudges out to foil/screw her. 
  • Bonus points if they have a major height/build difference. Gimme armor kink and the Apprentice Sorceress wearing something inconveniently elaborate OR what's essentially lingerie. (even more alternatively: the Apprentice Sorceress dresses quite sensibly, much to the puzzlement of the Shieldmaiden)

The Silmarillion

So, if you're reading this section of my letter, we probably know each other already. We're probably friends! (if not: can we be?) Basically I love the Ruling Queens of Númenor, and the respective butts of Finrod and Túrin. 

Vanimeldë/Original Female Character

Vanimeldë's awesome - "Tar-Vanimeldë gave little thought to the practicalities of government, preferring music and dancing." So, is anyone else thinking of decadent lesbian orgies or is it just me? If you want to write Caligula but without penises and horses, that would be so rad. When it comes to the ruling queens of Númenor, they're so maligned in the text that I'm also really into actively reading against what is said about the queens. Perhaps Vanimeldë was a wise and responsible ruler, but later scholars slandered her? Maybe she had a long-running romance with another woman, which earned historical ire. Maybe it was even scandalous! 
I'd rather that Vanimeldë's husband was offscreen and largely (or entirely) unmentioned. 
Tar-Telperiën/Original Female Character

My favorite thing about Telperiën is that she had one of the longest reigns but refused to marry and held on to her scepter for as long as possible. I picture her as someone who's incredibly proud and willful and likes to have control of her life and surroundings. I'd be super interested in a depiction of Telperiën as unmarried because she was a lesbian - did she have a longtime partner? Or did she have a string of romances? I love her two little lines of canon so much and I'd love anything that filled her out. 

Beleg Cúthalion/Túrin Turambar

I fucking love this pairing. I adore tragic, epic hero Túrin and steadfast-sometimes-grumpy Beleg. Túrin is one of my all-time favorite characters, and here's what I think describes him best, from The Children of Húrin: "He was dark-haired as his mother, and promised to be like her in mood also; for he was not merry, and spoke little, though he learned to speak early and ever seemed older than his years. Turin was slow to forget injustice or mockery; but the fire of his father was also in him, and he could be sudden and fierce. Yet he was quick to pity, and the hurts or sadness of living things might move him to tears." One of the things I like most about Túrin's dynamic with Beleg is that despite all of Túrin's pride and general refusal to take anyone's counsel, he actually listens to Beleg and apologizes to him for being a prick.
As for prompts, I'm really fond of the time just before Túrin left Doriath and I would read at least 500 fics of Túrin discovering he's in love with Beleg and (successfully, but probably also disastrously) getting Beleg into his bedroll while Beleg overcomes various sensible objections, like "he's mortal and barely of age" and "but I'm like a parental figure to him." Okay, to be even more honest, I would read 1000 fics of this. 10,000 fics. with Beleg indulging Túrin's daddy kink Alternatively, you could write about either Beleg or Túrin figuring out their feelings for each other through the jealousy of Andróg and/or Mîm. I'd also be thrilled with a 5+1 fic about Túrin and Beleg screwing up at sex or somehow cockblocking each other (naturally the +1 would be an amazing experience for both of them). 

This is another pairing where I'd love tropey stuff (A JOURNEY THROUGH THE SNOW AND THERE'S ONLY ONE BED AT THE INN AND THEN THEY HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE MARRIED AND THEN THERE'S SEX POLLEN AND ONE OF THEM GETS AMNESIA AND THEN THEY END UP HAVING TO GO UNDERCOVER). I'd be really happy to receive PWP for them, particularly if Beleg acts a little dominant and orders Túrin around a bit (who is incensed, but aroused). 

VASSAL KINK. *blows kazoo* I love the idea of Barahir worshipping Finrod from afar and then finally getting into Finrod's pants (against Finrod's better judgment, because the short life of Men is a recipe for heartbreak). I'm totally into past Finrod/Bëor, but I'd prefer that Barahir ends up as the love of Finrod's life. I'd also rather have the relationship take place before Barahir's marriage to Emeldir (which was likely in his 30s) so that Finrod is the sole focus of Barahir's heart. 
I would love just about anything for these two. Fic about them getting together or exploring their relationship dynamic would be great. Barahir being protective of Finrod makes me swoon. Barahir taking pride in (and getting off on) his fealty to Finrod. Finrod loving Barahir and trying not to think of his eventual death and that their souls will never meet again. The two of them having fantastic sex, perhaps involving switching or Finrod being lordly and Barahir being immensely turned on by it (or: Barahir roleplays being the lord and Finrod plays the vassal, much to their mutual delight).

Star Control

Captain/Commander Hayes

This game was my very first introduction to sci fi and hot, blue women. I absolutely adore its mix of space opera and humor. There’s so much about the game that’s either completely absurd (Frungy!) or cool (the Ur-Quan). If you're interested in playing a game focused on befriending aliens and finding weird things in the galaxy, you can download it for free here. There's also Let's Plays on YouTube and a lot of uploads of the alien interactions. Star Control is such a loving homage to classic SF; it's like Heinlein and a Star Trek TOS episode had a baby with lots of tentacle aliens in it. Now just stick some slash on top of there, and I'm the happiest camper. 

I am honestly shocked that I did NOT nominate this pairing. Someone else in this wide universe wants Star Control slash! If you're up to doing pastiche of classic SF writers, like Heinlein/Asimov/Clarke etc., it'd be awesome. Tropey stuff here is great! What if *drumroll* aliens make them do it? Hayes and the Captain have to go undercover... somewhere. The Talking Pet tries to mind control one of them and then one of them ends up revealing his feelings! A helpful Pkunk tries to get them together because their auras are so clearly in love, and the horoscope demands it! Hayes and the Captain are captured by [nefarious alien of choice] and have to work together to escape!

Sunless Sea

Male Zee Captain/Original Male Character

Female Zee Captain/Original Female Character

I love the setting so much. I don't have much in the way of individualized prompts, since there's so many different directions to go and I want you, dear writer or artist, to have fun. I love reading about people's Zee Captains and and OCs, so that's why I've pretty much requested nothing but blank slates for this exchange. I'm really excited that the nature of this exchange means shippiness or a focus on character interaction, even though I know most of what I'm talking about here is setting-related. And while the canon and a lot of my likes are dark, light-hearted stuff is something I'd really dig as well. The game and Fallen London both have a big share of dark humor that I love. Here are some situations and things I'd be interesting in seeing, plucked from previous letters but still no less dear to me:
This is a canon where I’d love docufic/metanarrative in the form of ship’s journals, scientific notes (a scientist Zee Captain would be a delight), or a Zee Story told by a lone survivor or a hard-on-her-luck Zee Captain. Captains struggling with the madness of zailing the Zee are welcome. I’m also a huge fan of all the doomed (and successful!) polar expeditions near the turn of the 20th century, and the voyages of the Fram, so if you’re inspired to write about trekking or zailing through the far frozen North, I’d love it. I think the Iron Republic is particularly neat. 
Other themes I like:
  • Science, the uncanny, and uncanny science make up a lot of my interests. I’m into aliens, monsters, eldritch abominations, weird anatomy, robots, field surgery, medicine, experimentation, people grimly coping with injuries whilst soldiering on, xeno, and body horror.
  • Doom. Darkness. Looming foreboding. Frozen hellscapes. The crumbling ruins of forgotten empires. Weltschmerz. That sort of feeling you get when you read the Anglo-Saxon poem, The Wanderer. The lone survivor. Vengeance. Blood feuds. Absolute loyalty leading to tragedy. 
  • Exploration! Mystery! The unknown! 

While I've mentioned that sickfic and depression are DNWs, in this canon they're just fine as long as it doesn't bump into the fluff category. For example, the Zee Captain getting a head cold and having a nice liedown in the cabin and having her lap warmed by the Wretched Mog wouldn't be to my tastes, but the Captain trying to figure out why her girlfriend keeps throwing up bats is cool. (note that I am not actually particularly attached to the idea of vomiting bats)

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Yeah... it was me nominating Star Control again ;)

Let's just keep requesting this in every available exchange until we get stories!


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