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At last, an exchange for something near and dear to my heart: smut. I'm about to wear my id on my sleeve here, so bear (BARE) with me and we can get through this together! 

I'm a bit of an enthusiastic letter writer and I've got a lot of material built up from previous exchanges; please don't, like someone in a fic tagged with 'Large cock,' flinch at the length. I've done my best to trim down my requested kinks to things that I really enjoy reading, though I have fairly broad tastes outside of my specific DNWs. I'm trying to keep this letter trimmed down to smut, but if you'd like a more general idea of what I'm into, check out my other letters on DW. While I don't use this account for anything other than letter hosting, I'm Sath on AO3 and on my tumblr, sathinfection, far too often. 

I've tried to include a prompt or two for every pairing. However, it's not necessary to follow the prompts! As for kinks, you can mix and match the requested ones as you like - I like vanilla just as much as I like kink. I enjoy reading pure PWP as well as most other things people would want to put in - doom and gloom, introspection, humor (sex can be pretty funny!), adventure, thinking about the fragility of life while having [orifice of choice] [verbed]...  I like what sex scenes can reveal about a character's personality, and it's always interesting to me how writers handle the often complicated choreography of two people fumbling around. Unless I'm asking for noncon/dubcon, I prefer smut where both characters are enjoying themselves.

DISCLAIMER: I'm trying to have this letter match my sign-up exactly but if I ever put a kink one of these that isn't mentioned on the other, I definitely want it and probably just forgot to update one of them. 

A few notes on kinks that I think warrant more explanation: 
  • Crossdressing - bulletproof. Love it for both M/M and F/F. 
  • Strap-ons - fun for anal or vaginal entry. 
  • Face-slapping - whether it's done for contempt or play, I prefer both parties get off on it. 
  • Roleplay - a favorite! I actually really dig when it's done a bit badly (i.e. they fall out of character a few times) but the characters are still enjoying themselves. Roleplay can be played for humor or taken completely seriously; I particularly love when characters roleplay each other or roleplay a reversal of their roles. 
  • Breathplay - I think this tag got merged with Choking? Anyway, manual (or magical) choking is my favorite. Or using clothing! 
  • Undressing their partner - Feel free to get elaborate with the outfits and/or armor here. I don't get impatient!
  • Necrophilia - fresh bodies only, please.
  • Aliens/Xeno - I'm not picky about my xeno. You can go a humanoid route for appearance (e.g. most of the aliens in Star Trek) or go far out there (some aliens in Star Wars). 
  • Tribadism - scissoring bores me but a woman rubbing off on her lover's thigh A+ yes please
  • Size difference - differences in height and build are my jam
  • Sex pollen/Drug-induced sex - I prefer this one light on angst, heavy on passionate sex and/or situational humor

My firm do not wants: 
  • AUs (i.e. mundane, modern, gender, magical, etc.), except for canon divergence ones. 
  • Noncon (except when specifically noted) and underage. 
  • Kids. Babies. Pregnancy of any sort in anyone. Infantilization. 
  • Crossovers and fusions.
  • Sickfic, i.e. extended scenes of someone taking care of a person who's unwell due to an illness and not a physical injury. 
  • BDSM and D/s, especially as a lifestyle.  
  • Polyamory/OT3s. Unrequested non-canon side pairings.
  • A/B/O. Heats/ruts in general. 
  • 1st or 2nd person POV. 
  • Fic focusing on gender dysphoria, depression, self-care, or self-harm.  

Sex-related do not wants
- Rough nipple play, Humiliation, Scat, Vomit, Watersports, Fisting, Kink negotiation, Stuffing/inflation, Bestiality, Vore, Snuff, Feet, the word 'Pussy' (although I know a lot of people dislike the word 'cunt,' I'm fine with it being used to describe the body part and not as a slur), Penis in vagina intercourse, calling people 'Babe' or 'Baby,' the phrase "I've got you"

Original Work 

I was super excited when I saw some great tropey F/F setups nominated in the Original Works section, and then I had to go in and add some of my own. I love ships that have an element of rivalry (or the forbidden) to them, because it ups the tension in sex scenes. Actual enemies overcoming their differences (or at least setting them aside for a little bit) through the power of great sex is a one of my favorite setups. Vampires are also a huge kink for me (I blame early exposure to Anne Rice for that one). 

First set of kinks: Cunnilingus, Strap-ons, Undressing their partner, Blood drinking, Body horror, Enemies to lovers, Clothing kink, Seduction, For science!, Breathplay, Fingerfucking, Necrophilia, Sex pollen/Drug-induced sex, Manhandling/Displays of athleticism during sex, Blood kink, Role reversal, Vaginal fingering, Rough sex, Roleplay, Face slapping, Loss of control, Vaginal fingering, Tribadism, Size difference

Female Necromancer/Female Cleric

Maybe the Cleric gets tired of having to clean out all the zombies the Necromancer's raising, and decides to cut the head off the snake. whoops they end up having sex instead. Or perhaps they're working together, and just have to celebrate their excellent working relationship. Clothing/Armor porn is a bonus here. 

Female Necromancer/Female Zombie

The Necromancer decides to test her powers on an outstandingly hot corpse. Perhaps she rezzes her lover for one last go, or perhaps there's just one zombie in the undead horde that really stands out from the crowd. Intelligent/speaking zombie is a nice extra but not required (in which case: consider having the zombie do some seduction/courting). Light gore is fine!

Female Vampire/Female Vampire Hunter

Lotta options here! What if the Vampire is the Hunter's ex-partner, who was tragically turned against her will? What if the Hunter is just so hot, so charming, so skilled, that the Vampire just had to have some of her? Or perhaps there's a quid pro quo relationship where they help each other in exchange for sex. 

Female Scientist/Female Alien

The Scientist is just so driven by scientific curiosity that she does some unorthodox testing using her own body (hey, it's not exactly unusual in the scientific world). Maybe the Scientist and the Alien decide that sex is the best way to get to know each other better. Bonus: either the Scientist, the Alien, or both, are still taking measurements and noting data during the sex.

Female Paladin/Sorceress

Does the Paladin go against her vow of chastity in order to properly fuck her best frenemy? Does the Sorceress seduce the Paladin rather than go through the standard speeches about renouncing her evil conjuring ways? Or were the Paladin and Sorceress assigned a task to complete together, and the sexual tension was just too much for them? Clothing/armor porn a bonus here. 

Second set of kinks: Cunnilingus, Strap-ons, Undressing their partner, Crossdressing, Enemies to lovers, Clothing kink, Seduction, Breathplay, Fingerfucking, Manhandling/Displays of athleticism during sex, Role reversal, Rough sex, Roleplay, Loyalty, Fealty, Vaginal fingering, Awkward sex, Vaginal fingering, Size difference, Tribadism

Female Swordswoman/Female Merchant

While it's absolutely not a requirement, I'd love to see this pairing set up somewhere other than Western Europe or its fantasy equivalent. Perhaps the Merchant hired the Swordswoman to help protect her caravan, and after the Swordswoman endures weeks of oblique commands from what looks like a pile of furs/silks/what have you, realizes that the Merchant is actually quite hot once all the layers are removed. Maybe one or both of them is pretending to be a man and the gender reveal comes with a heaping portion of sex. 

The Silmarillion

Yes, I am that person who always requests Ruling Queens of Númenor smut, with bonus vampire rarepair. 

Kinks: Cunnilingus, Strap-ons, Undressing their partner, Crossdressing, Enemies to lovers, Clothing kink, Seduction, Breathplay, Fingerfucking, Face slapping, Manhandling, Role reversal, Rough sex, Blood kink, Blood drinking, Vampires, Roleplay, Fealty, Loyalty, Vaginal fingering, Loss of control, Size difference, Tribadism


Since Telperiën never married, I like to imagine that it was partially due to a strong preference for women (in addition to being completely disinterested in ceding even one small part of her power to someone else). Possible partners for her might include a courtier, a visiting Elf from Lindon, a pirate, or some other type of lady you fancy. I'd love to see Telperiën paired up with someone from the undeveloped corners of the map: Harad, Umbar, or Rhûn. 


Vanimeldë was the queen who preferred parties and dancing to ruling. It'd be great to explore this hedonism - perhaps an exploration of one or more of Vanimeldë's passionate love affairs? She could be paired up with a performer, an artist, maybe even a scandalous dalliance with a pirate. As with Telperiën, a lover who's from the more distant places in Middle-earth would be awesome. 


There's such a great potential dynamic in this pairing of two women testing each other, trying to get what they want out of each other without becoming vulnerable to the other person. How *did* Haleth safely cross Nan Dungortheb? Did Thuringwethil ever pop down to the Haladin for a light snack, some banter, and enthusiastic sex? 

Star Wars 

Hux/Kylo Ren

This is one of those pairings where I peeked in for the crackfic, then accidentally fell into the deep end of the pool and started shipping it in earnest. I love their antagonistic relationship and how they have such polar personalities. Also, this. When it comes to sex, I can see them switching up parts easily (perhaps with a few bumps along the way). I've included prompts for some of the kinks requested, but not ones that I think are self-explanatory. I've asked for a few more complicated scenarios but I'm honestly so into them screwing each other that completely straightforward (HA!) sex would still be awesome. You can write them getting together or you can start with an established relationship - both are good!
  • Anal sex - I don't have a particular preference for who tops or bottoms. 
  • Awkward sex - I love awkward sex, and this pairing is great for it. Honestly, just look at them. 
  • Breathplay - forcechokingforcechoking (also, I like the scenario of Hux specifically requesting it OR having a turn at doing some choking himself) 
  • Crossdressing - Sticking either of them in women's clothing would make my day. I'd love for them to both to be super into it, and you can get weird. Does Kylo secretly desire to dress up like Padmé? Does Hux have a Sith Empire frock in his closet and ambitions to play master/apprentice? 
  • Enemies to lovers - yes yes yes. 
  • Face slapping - Both of them look eminently slappable and are slapworthy. 
  • Injured sex - oh my god, whump Ren hard. All of his stumbling around and bleeding at the end of TFA was like manna to me. Domhnall Gleeson has also made a fine film career out of looking pathetic and threatened.
  • Manhandling/shows of athleticism during sex - I hear Kylo Ren is shredded and Hux looks like he weighs as much as a terrier. 
  • Namecalling/slurs - No homophobic ones please. Creatively in-universe ones, like "scruffy looking nerf-herder" are a bonus.
  • Topping from the bottom/Pushy bottoms - Hux would be infuriatingly demanding and commanding. Kylo would try to be insufferable. 
  • Switching/Rough sex/Intercrural sex/Blow jobs/Wall sex - all fun sex acts!
  • Semi-public sex - a recipe for disaster and shame. 
  • Roleplay - as with crossdressing, you can get weird (and combine the kinks). 
  • Fuck or die/Sex pollen/Drug-Induced Sex - I never get tired of these scenarios. 
  • Consensual drunk sex - potentially disastrous, potentially the last nudge towards tossing shame or enmity out the window.
  • Loss of control - fun for either, since Hux has it and Kylo has zero. 
  • Size difference - I like how they're almost the same height but Hux's uniform is a filthy liar about its wearer's build.
  • Large cock - Nothing quite like a plus-sized donger making things more difficult/more enjoyable

Kylo Ren/Male Alien

Kinks: Xeno, Aliens, Public Use, Shame in sexual desires, Rough sex, Tentacles

What is it about Kylo Ren that makes me want to read about him getting penetrated by alien(s)? You can make this consensual, dubcon, noncon, whatever. I'm here for this. Maybe Snoke tests Kylo Ren's dedication by setting up a conga line of Gamorreans, or Ren decides that a perfect way to vent his dark passions is to hop in the trash compactor with the Dianoga. Perhaps Hux takes a wrong turn while trying to deliver Kylo to Snoke and ends up dropping him off on the Alien Fuck Planet (Hux is a welcome addition to the fun/unfun on the Alien Fuck Planet). 

In the Flesh 

Simon Monroe/Victor Halperin, Simon Monroe/John Weston

Kinks: Death fetish, Necrophilia, Medical kink, For science!, Body horror, Power imbalance, Possessive behavior

I am forever bummed that In the Flesh was cancelled. It was so good! Also, that episode about Simon being held in Norfolk was pure id pornography for me. I have... watched those scenes many times. This is Smut Swap it's okay for me to admit that I want shameless medfet/necrophilia porn. 

I basically want either Weston or Halperin to take advantage of having Simon at their mercy to study and dehumanize. Noncon is fine, though I'd prefer dubcon (all the psychological manipulation! offers of better treatment! acknowledge of common humanity!) in this scenario. Some general thoughts on how this setup could go down: 

We really don't know much about Halperin, other than that he thinks PDS is supernatural (and he also might be the Undead Prophet, according to some fan theories). Perhaps Simon/Halperin with lots of body worship and fetishizing of death?

In the case of Simon/Weston, a scenario where Simon felt that Weston cared for him (and that Weston thought he cared for Simon, as well) would be exquisite. The more Weston can't separate how he feels about Simon as an experiment and as a person, the better.

Imperial Radch

Translator Dlique/Translator Zeiat

Kinks: Xeno, Aliens, For science!, Awkward sex, Biting, Trying to stay quiet, Roleplay, Loyalty, Body horror, Guro, Vore, Snuff

I love the translators. I love their potential for fridge horror. What the hell are the Presger? The translators? We don't know. What I do know: I want them to fuck. 

There is literally no way you can make it too weird for me. Do they have tentacles? Erotic beaks? Do they melt into goo and bud into a new translator? Or do they just have regular human style sex, but with their organs on the outside? Normally vore and snuff are DNWs for me, but if you want them to kill and/or eat each other, that's fine. I'm so ready for Dlique/Zeiat porno to be unleashed.


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