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Hello, and thank you for writing for me! This is only my second Yuletide, so I'm still excited by this whole process. I'm sath on AO3 if you want to poke around my profile. 

Here’s a few basic likes and dislikes:
Likes: character-driven fic, genfic, sexyfic, medfet, humor, sadness, science, robots, xeno, medicine, surgery, and women being complicated 
Dislikes: dubcon, noncon, kidfic, children, babies, AUs, crossovers, fluff, issue!fic, a/b/o, kink negotiation, BDSM, misogynistic language (even when period and situation appropriate), romanticizing self-harm, and infantilization. I'd prefer no pairings unless otherwise stated.

I don't use DW/LJ much, so if you'd like to get a better idea of who you're writing for, visit my tumblr.

I've included a mixture of specific and general prompts, gen and porn, so I hope you find something you like. If you're already coming into this with an idea you'd love to write, go ahead! But please respect my DNWs. 

A Young Doctor's Notebook - Young Doctor, Older Doctor

I'm a huge, huge, medical geek, and I devoured Chekhov's stories when I was younger, so when I found out that there was actually a show with Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm playing the same country Russian doctor with lots of despairing Bulgakov references, I pretty much shrieked. 

I will be thrilled to read anything from this show that has a balance of horror, humor, and medicine. I enjoy the doctor's dynamics with the other characters, so feel free to include them (but please no explicit scenes between the doctor and Pelageya). Surgery would be fantastic, particularly if the doctor had to perform trepanation (where the skull is opened up to release pressure on the brain and fish out bone fragments). 

Possible ailments the doctor could treat: fistula, congenital syphilis, horrifying tumors

Also you could totally write selfcest if you wanted. I would be totally down with selfcest. They could play doctor! 

Something that occurred to me after finishing the second season (which isn't available on Netflix, so don't feel pressured at all to write anything based off the second season!) is that I'd love to read something from the older doctor's perspective. SPOILER ALERT: What happens to him after he loses his job? 

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein - Julie, Maddie

I rarely cry, but I cried over this book. Julie and Maddie's friendship broke my heart. 

I would love to read fix-it with these two. Julie escapes from the truck! Maddie embraces her! Later, they hold each other and fingerbang into the night. Seriously: porn with these two, particularly porn where Julie is safely back in England, would be fantastic. I don't normally go for happy endings or domestic fic, but it'd be fantastic to read something like that for Julie/Maddie. If you don't want to write femslash for them but would rather write gen fix-it, that'd be great too. 

If you'd like, you could take a medical approach to Julie's survival. It's possible to survive a shot in the head! This is a little weird, but bear with me here: Julie recovering from traumatic brain injury. I'd like her to still be mostly functional (not bedridden, still largely able to take care of herself, and with no loss of intelligence), but dealing with the short-term memory problems, and the potential physical and cognitive changes.  This link has an excellent guide to what can happen after a brain injury. 

If you don't feel up to fix-it, writing one of Julie's successful missions in the past would be really interesting - I love spies. An investigation of her youth in Scotland would also be a good idea - I genuinely love character studies and am always happy to receive them. 

Robot Series - Isaac Asimov - Elijah Baley, R. Daneel Olivaw 

My favorite thing about the Robot series was how Asimov would twist the Three Laws into a new mystery for each book. I'd love to read an exploration of the three laws - not even necessarily as a mystery! Fic that highlights robotic differences in Daneel's thinking and physicality would be a plus. 

I ship Baley/Daneel pretty intensely, and would appreciate reading anything slashy between them (explicit or otherwise). If you go the explicit route, anything that plays up Daneel being a robot would be perfect. 

I am a massive fan of Golden Age sci-fi, so pulp-styled adventures would be awesome to read about since Asimov's own style was pretty restrained. Feel free to get ridiculous! Baley and Daneel end up stranded on a strange planet with aliens that make them do it (dubcon is ok in this scenario). Baley and Daneel become farmers on Ganymede. Baley and Daneel are kidnapped by space Amazons, escape and land somewhere like the Venus of Heinlein's Space Cadet. OFCs who subvert 50s SF tropes would be wonderful, as long as they're not romantic interests.

In the Flesh - Simon Monroe, Victor Halperin

This show hits my zombie and medical kinks hard. I've always liked more cerebral approaches to zombies - how would they work, how would society be changed, and In the Flesh nails it. I particularly liked how the second series explored the origins of neurotryptyline and Halperin and Weston's experimentation on the undead. I'd love to read fic that goes into more detail about PDS and Simon's time in Norfolk. 

Documentary fic is one of my favorite genres. What would a medical journal article about PDS look like? What might Halperin or Weston's clinical notes have looked like while they were experimenting on Simon? A magazine article about PDS would also be great. You could expand on how other countries reacted to PDS - a fake documentary like World War Z chronicling the Rising and the reintegration of the undead back into society. 

There's also the option of shameless medfet/necrophilia porn with Simon and Halperin (or Weston). This is an exception to my dubcon and noncon dislike, since Simon's not in a position to give consent while he's in Norfolk. We really don't know much about Halperin, other than that he thinks PDS is supernatural (and he also might be the Undead Prophet, according to some fan theories). So how about Simon/Halperin with lots of body worship and fetishizing of death? Alternatively, if you don't feel like Halperin or are more inspired by Weston, Weston/Simon would also be fantastic. In that case, I'd rather a scenario where Simon wanted the sex, and felt that Weston cared for him (and that Weston thought he cared for Simon, as well). The more Weston can't separate how he feels about Simon as an experiment and as a person, the better. Including experimentation/clinical aspects is a massive plus with either pairing.

If you don't want to experiment with the nuts and bolts of PDS, I'd love to read backstory fic about Simon as he was just getting out of Norfolk and becoming involved with the ULA. Did his personality change a lot after death? I think the show hinted that the ULA gave Simon a purpose that was lacking when he was alive. How did Simon reconcile who he was before the Rising with who he became? Feel free to include flashbacks to when Simon was still alive, but I'd rather that wasn't the focus on the fanfic. 

Have a merry Yuletide, dear writer!


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