Apr. 5th, 2016

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I'm so sorry that this is late! I didn't know assignments would happen so fast! Anyway, dear creator, I'm pretty easy when it comes to this exchange. I've rambled on about my likes in other exchange letters hosted on this journal, but since this is a much more open-ended exchange than usual, I don't want to restrict anyone too much. 

do not wants: noncon, underage, domestic violence, focus on M/F relationships or sex, infidelity, slice of life stories. (if you decide to put sex in the story, my Smut Swap letter goes into more detail than you would ever want to know)

Onto the songs! 

Tardigrade Song - Cosmo Sheldrake 

I'm so happy that this exchange led me to this song. Tardigrades are adorable, wonderful little creatures. Honestly, I will be thrilled to read about absolutely anything in tardigrade POV. Why does the tardigrade have whisky in its cabinet? Perhaps we've got a Kafkaesque situation where the narrator woke up one day to find themselves transformed into a tardigrade. Treat this with whatever seriousness you want! I asked for art or fanfic of this - if you'd like to do a little tardigrade comic, that would be great! 

Where Evil Grows - The Poppy Family 

Another new fave song coming out of this exchange! I'm generally a huge villain fan, and I think the most immediate interpretation of this song is of someone being seduced by evil, whether it's in a romantic or more ideological sense. I'm obsessed with themes of temptation and corruption, so this song hits me in a good spot. I'd love to see some dark F/F or M/M for this!  

Something else I thought of while listening to this is cults. Is the narrator drawn into one? Does the narrator escape? Or do they just get pulled deeper and deeper? 

Space Girl - Shirley Collins 

I grew up reading pulpy Heinlein novels and I've never quite gotten over how much I love enthusiastic, cheesy SF. This song has such a fun narrative and interesting little twists that I'd be into an expansion of any the verses - with triple bonus points for changing everything to F/F. If earnestly ridiculous F/F in space is not your speed, I'll still love to receive gen space adventures. Having her interact with alien cultures would be great. 

I'm also super into xeno so if she gets into trusting Martians and has fun with those bug-eyed monsters... 

Make Me a Robot - Tessa Violet 

So when I wasn't sitting around reading Heinlein, I was nose deep in some Asimov. I love robots so much! I am really hoping that you're up for writing about literal robots. I know that the song references the narrator being upset with a man and wanting to lose her emotions/soul - what would the actual process of someone converting to a robot be like? Would she have regrets? What's her new robot perceptions like? Does she get a robot or a human girlfriend?? If you're into doing body horror, I'm all for it.

My favorite line of the song is "But I quit, guess that's it; for a human, I'm unfit, so..." It's a very interesting place to work from! 

The Traitor - Martha Wainwright 

This song hits just about all of my F/F kinks: "But I lingered on her thighs, a fatal moment / I kissed her lips as though I thirsted still / My falsity had stung me like a hornet." *fans self* I've seen a lot of interpretations of the song on the web, lots of which focused on courtly love, which... I don't see explicitly, but I love medieval stuff so if you wanted to do treacherous lady knight and her lover I'd be totally into it. Any historical period, setting, or type of treachery would be great. Fucked up mutual obsession would be awesome. 

Also, this line implies something really, really dark: "And long ago she said, "I must be leaving / Ah, but keep my body here to lie upon / You can move it up and down and when I'm sleeping / Run some wire through that rose and wind the swan." Is the narrator's lover dead? Did she betray the narrator? 

Kingdom of Gold - Mark Knopfler 

This song tells such a cool story on its own that it's my instinct to just say "develop anything and I'll love it." This song reminds me a lot of the original Conan the Barbarian movie, and I'm gonna shamefully quote King Osric here: "There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison." I'm always a sucker for high fantasy, so feel free to indulge yourself. Do you want to develop the 'high priest of money,' or would you rather follow the 'turbulent raiders'? What sort of culture clash is going on? Perhaps you want to explore the priest's end, or the city itself. 


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